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What I now know... 20 years in the mental health field.

behavioral health blog Nov 27, 2019

 20 years ago, I found myself working in the wilderness with “troubled teens”.

It wasn’t the job that lured me, because I had never heard of the kind of work that I was doing until I was doing it. It was incredibly difficult work, being exposed to the wilderness environment for 8-46 days at a stretch, with no “off shift”, entirely exposed to the challenges that 10-12 teenagers can bring… 24 hours a day, with no building or external “out”.

I learned to trust my team, to build rapport, to instill confidence even when I felt weak, anxious, or disconnected. I learned that physical presence, in the face of physical threat, has almost nothing to do with how big or strong you are… and everything to do with how you carry yourself and how you communicate. I learned that these “troubled teens”, so many of them, weren’t really the family member that needed the intervention; but that my work with them could...

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