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Christian Families

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Here at Backcountry Professor, we revitalize relationships, motivate active lifestyles, and foster life-long family investment. This is a mission, a movement. We know that community is a key part of creating an adventure-based culture, and to inspire more and more families through the ABP movement, we've developed social networking within our program that is inspiring, supportive, and collaborative.

And, if that wasn't enough... We went one step further, and since inflation is at an all time high, we've slashed the course fee to just $84.

Yep, that's just $7 per week!

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"We've created a customized program designed for your unique needs and goals, and we provide 12 weeks of online support for your journey as a Christian family."

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Rejuvenating Relationships

We designed Adventure-Based Parenting programs that focus on reconciliation, repair, and a return to strong family bonds.

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Motivate Active Lifestyles

Your family's physical health is closely tied to their emotional health. We're here to motivate every member of your family toward growth and vitality.

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Foster Life-Long Connections

The strong yearning from our parents is not just in improving family life right now, but in fostering life-long connections that will last the test of time. Our program takes a life-long, clinically-informed, and family-centered approach.

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Due to the additional costs that parents are going through in response to inflation, regulations, and employment hurdles, we've slashed our program cost to just $84 for the entire 12 Week program... that's just $7 per week, which is less than half what we have traditionally charged for the course!

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YOU asked how we do it, and we answered.

Here's what we heard from you:

Your family is distracted.

You feel disconnected.

You yearn for closer relationships.

You want your children to live a life of faith and health.

12 Weeks of content & learning as a group of like-minded parents, with direct access to founders: Dr. DB Palmer & Greta Palmer Palmer .